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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Gold Edition (2014), 35.34GB

ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Reloaded or 3DM or Ali213). Updated to version 1.5.0 (20.02.2015); 28 DLC included.

DLC list: Dead Kings, Chemical Revolution, American Prisoner, Killed by Science, Prussian Waistcoat, Siege of Maastright Hood, Leipzig Regiment Hood, National Guard Trousers, Athos Duel Shirt, Black Musketeer Breaches, La Tour d’Auvergne Bracers, Isenburg-Birnstein Belt, Maple Hunting Rifle, Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier, Over Under Pistol, Razor Head Spear, Sabre of Honour, War Axe, ArmorSplitter Axe, Parade Pistol, Pappenheimer Rapier, Hooked Impaler, Silver-Plated Pistol, Arno’s French Rapier, Arno’s Dueling Pistol, French Cavalry Pistol, McFarlane Master Assassin Outfit, Arno’s Fearless Outfit.

Installation time with 4 threads CPU and normal HDD - 6 minutes.

Upload size / to download: 36194MB

RAR parts: 1023MB (interchangeable/compatible)

ISO image size: 36194MB (48445MB after installation)

ISO image size with only English audio language: 34344MB (33.54GB)

Number of compressions: only one

Data recovery: none

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional)

Dubbing/Audio: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish